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Our organic meats come from the family farms of our cooperative, where animals are raised without GMO feed, antibiotics or artificial hormones.
Animals on our farms are humanely raised with access to the outdoors, fresh air, plenty of space and shelter from the elements. We never use binders, fillers or carrageenan, just organic goodness and the right spices.
Our Meats Include:





Deli slices

Summer sausage


Our organic meat ingredients work in a variety of applications.
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A tray of granola bars.

Dairy Proteins

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Milk filling containers.

Milk Powder and Fluid

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An individual pizza with sauce and cheese.


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Trays full of crescent rolls.

Butter & Butter Fats

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In addition to providing high-quality organic dairy products, eggs and meat to the U.S. market, we have a long history of supplying products to more than 20 other countries worldwide. With our proven expertise and years of experience in organic ingredient production, we understand what it takes to export products across the globe, and we are happy to assist you with the necessary documentation for getting it done.
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