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Harness the Power of the Largest Organic Co-op in the United States

Who We Serve
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Infant nutrition manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Health systems
  • Other food ingredient providers
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Since 1988, we’ve been committed to going above and beyond the standards for organic and non-GMO dairy, egg, meat and livestock production.
Our founding farmers pledged to produce the best products possible by farming without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides or GMOs long before the organic movement. Additionally, we helped the USDA to set the official regulations for organic certification, ensuring a more sustainable and streamlined approach to organic ingredient production for years to come

Organic Certification

USDA Certified Organic products have organic equivalency with many regions, including the European Union, China, Australia, New Zealand, and others. As a point of comparison, E.U. certified organic products may not be exported to the U.S. unless affidavits are provided assuring that the livestock never received antibiotics at any time during its life. Our experts can also assist with non-GMO verification and certification for halal, kosher, Certified Grass-Fed Organic Dairy certification, and Chinese import requirements.

USDA Organic

Our products are certified organic by the USDA.


Our organic animal feed does not contain GMOs because organic always means non-GMO.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Our farmers do not use antibiotics, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides.

What makes us different starts with our fundamental values, which are demonstrated through our cooperative business model, ongoing commitment to organic production on small family farms and dedication to putting the greater good ahead of short-term profits.

Independent and Farmer-Owned
Today, Organic Valley is still independent and farmer-owned, with more than 1,600 family farms across 34 U.S. states, as well as in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. We follow the same recipe for environmental and economic sustainability that our founding farmers created, and our organic ingredients often set quality standards that exceed the norm. With more than 100 manufacturing plant partners throughout the U.S. and our dedicated export experience, our organic ingredients are highly accessible throughout the world.
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